Brand Story

Since their establishment in 1911, Yamamoto Kogaku has been being a leading company in the development and technical expertise for optical eyewear. Their essential principle of “protecting your eyes” is true to their philosophy as they design eyewear and create new perspectives for future style. In 1971, Yamamoto Kogaku introduced his new Japanese-inspired brand as SWANS. The internationally known SWANS brand has created one of the best functional eyewear on the market, including ski goggles, swimming goggles, fashion and sports sunglasses. With the functional features that encompass a SWANS design, we ensure that all models are produced with meticulousness and level of care that is sensible for our Hong Kong clientele

1. History Beyond a Century 

Since founded in 1911, Yamamoto has been developing and innovating eyewear designs to “protect your eyes.” Through product research of over 100 years, SWANS technology has evolved to promise clarity and protection of vision.

2. Technology that Controls Light 

All SWANS products are processed with resin to ensure optical performance in any weather condition. As a result, SWANS can improve the visibility of the surroundings by controlling ultraviolet light. The Ice Blue Lens are required for environments that need to have polarized lenses to promote a clear view while suppressing adhesion of rain or sweat.

3. Asian Fit 

SWANS designs are made perfect for the “Asian face”. Unlike import eyewear models from Europe or the United States, SWANS is able to to design eyewear to match the curves of the “Asian face.” By doing this, SWANS can corroborate a comfortable design for each individual. Unlike eyewear models from Europe or US, SWANS’s design matches Asian perfectly.

4. Made in Japan

All the products made in Japan with good quality and high technology. Japanese products are always safety and reliable.

  • antireflection coating that prevents glare from surfaces
Polarized Lens
  • eliminates reflective light on road, water, window and car surfaces
Claritex Coating 
  • features anti-fogging properties, water and dust repellency
Polycarbonate Material 
  • SWANS plastic material, “polycarbonate,” protects the eyes from intense shock and sudden accidents
  • lens does not change in harsh temperatures or environments
  • lens has high impact resistance of about 10x that of glass
Mirror Coating 
  • reflects harmful ultraviolet light by controlling lens colour depending on environment and temperature
Scratch Resistant 
  • protects the surface of the lens from sand, dust, metal powder and other adhering particles from the environment
UV Cut of 99.9% 
  • SWANS lenses cut 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays regardless of lens colour
  • prevents UV light from entering through the gaps of the frames
Lens Colour Density 
  • lens colour changes depending on amount of UV radiation in the environment in order to provide protection for your eyes

We, at Harvest Merit, are honoured to be a distributor of an eyewear brand that endorses safety and protection for your eyes. In addition to unparalleled quality, SWANS eyewear underlines the importance of design and functionality. Their scratch resistant and multi-coating qualities, among many others, allows SWANS to rise above in the eyewear industry. 

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Harvest Merit is proud to be the first SWANS distributor in Hong Kong. We are whole-heartedly committed to providing those in Hong Kong with the safest and functional eyewear to protect your eyes. As we move forward, SWANS will continue to develop new and creative designs to strive to be the best eyewear choice for you.