Brand Story



The brand NARA E was originally inspired from a young lady Nara E. E stands for Evelyn. Nara is full of energy and passion. She has her own lifestyle of living and is always impressed by her surroundings with the essence and combination of traditional verse and contemporary designs, along with sophisticated details. Nara strongly believes in living a life of adventure and inspiring others to be a unique individual.

Inspired by Nara’s personality while chasing artistic independence, we brought the same passion to designing our eyewear pieces that she enjoys and pursues. NARA E becomes a brand built on passion. We are delighted to introduce our first optical frame collection in 2018 which embraces excellent craftsmanship and an emphasis on handcrafted Japanese eyewear manufacturer from Sabae City Fukui Prefecture, Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., which has been hand-making eyewear in Japan since 1911. It currently has won the prestigious Japanese Eyewear Good Design Award 2017. We have tailor-made our unisex eyewear with unique, fashionable and contemporary looks that does make us proud. We believe our customers could express their individualism and lifestyles with our NARA E eyewear. We guarantee high quality and exquisite workmanship using the finest materials, ensuring that when it comes to comfort our eyewear is second to none.


Celluloid is the major material used for our NARA E frames and which is in tune with the spirit of the age. Combining with durable materials and contemporary design, we adopt Titanium and aim for its light weight, which will bring out our customers’ personality in all facets. We create and design innovative eyewear with a sense of something new and unique by adapting the finest design details on temples and bridges as well as fresh and dynamic colors on Celluloid. Upon the stylish and sophisticated design, our customers will feel unique and look their best.

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