Brand Story

AirDP eyewear was born from passion, from the air that encompasses a golf ball after a swing, the roar of family laughter, to the unmistakable brushstroke of love that enterprises a gratified and quiet life. The brand of design takes pleasure in attention to detail, and where glam and sport are two involuntary distinctive elements – a true synonym of style. AirDP was sprouted by Romagna entrepreneur Lele Danzi, PA CEO Paola Froldi, and CEO and football icon Alessandro Del Piero, where they feature a sought-after Italian eyewear collection. The level of care and talent used in construction gives creative solidity to their collection. The minimalist design of photochromic eyewear and sunglasses embraces core essential values.

Photochromic Eyewear

The photochromic eyewear collection features ultra-resistant and flexible eyeglasses that are made of TR90 Elasta, which is a powder that is injected into the mould of every model. Each photochromic eyepiece is coloured and bold; it is able to characterize your every look. Also, each lens is able to adjust to the changing environment. Meaning, the lenses change to the different degree of daylight and thus shading direct and reflective sunlight. The photochromic lenses are also suitable for night-driving, computer use, and can be recommended as reading lenses because of their anti-reflection and scratch resistant design. Each frame may have advanced lenses from +6D to -6D.


AirDP’s sunglasses can fit each and every personality. The minimal, bold geometric frames combine together to make for classic and glamour styles. Each colour and edge celebrate personal looks for each individual. The unbreakable lenses, ultra-elastic frame, and the UVA and UVB protection provide maximum visual quality for any weather condition.


Featured Products

Harvest Merit is proud to be the only distributor of this Italian-made brand in Hong Kong. The new epitome of a sleek, modern brand entails the progressing eyewear industry in Asia. Where the true value of family, nature, sport and fashion are in one breath to give valuable and functional products for each individual.